Call for sessions

Around 50% of the EuroMAC-8 programme will consist of pre-organized sessions. The organization committee thus warmly invites session-proposals that fulfill the following conditions: 
  1. Session topics should be defined as precisely as possible; the different contributions within the session must be closely related to one another. 
  2. Sessions should be conceived as mini-conferences in themselves. Preferably, they should fill an entire day. Half-day sessions are also possible. 
  3. Sessions should aim to present both experienced scholars and young researchers within the chosen domain. 
  4. Sessions should gather speakers from different countries.
  5. Sessions should relate to recent developments in the chosen domain of research.
  6. Proposals should clearly set out how the time will be organized. Session convenors are free to organize the available time in whatever way they see fit. All formats (or combinations thereof) are allowed: lecture, seminar, workshop, lecture-recital, panels, etc. … 
  7. Sessions can be multilingual.
  8. Session proposers take responsibility for the session; they should act as its chair (or guarantee one); session convenors will be exempted from paying the conference fee. 
 - Session proposals should include the following information:
  •  A general outline of the session as a whole (max. 500 words)
  • A synopsis of all contributions in the session (max. 300 words per contribution)
  • A short biography of each of the contributors (max. 100 words per contributor)
- Session organizers who wish to invite applications for participation in their session can do so by opening a group on the discussion list of the EuroMAC2014 website:
- All session proposals (except those that exceed the above mentioned word-limitations) will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee
- Proposals can be written in English, French, German or Italian. Non-English proposals must include an English translation.
- Persons involved in a session proposal may also submit an anonymous individual proposal.
In order to optimize a session’s chance of acceptance, session organizers are kindly invited to contact the conference organization committee before submitting a proposal:
Deadline for consultation: December 31, 2013
Deadline for submission: January 15, 2014