Call for individual proposals

Individual proposals can be submitted on all topics of music theory and/or analysis. Depending on the final selection, these proposals will be arranged in possibly coherent sessions. If you prefer to guarantee the coherence of your session yourself, please go to CALL FOR SESSIONS.
  • Proposals should clearly state
    • The central claim of the presentation
    • Thecurrent context and importance of the proposed topic
    • The applied methodology/ies
  • Presentations will be assigned time slots of 30’. Papers should be 20-25 minutes long, leaving 5-10 minutes for discussion.
  • Proposals can be written in English, French, German or Italian. Non-English proposals must include an English translation.
  • Proposals should not exceed 300 words. Proposals longer than 300 words will not be considered by the Scientific Committee.
  • Proposals should consist solely of text, and should not include music examples, attachments, figures, etc.
Deadline for submission: January 15, 2014