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Session 10: Meter in the Moment

Wednesday 17 September
Session Convenor: Edward Klorman

Subsession 1
Chair: Edward Klorman                            

14.00     Rowland Moseley
Hypermetric Analysis, Hypermetric Performance, and the Idea of Projection

14.45     John Paul Ito
Nascent Hypermeter in Bach: The Development of Style and Perception

15.30    coffee break

Subsession 2
Chair: John Paul Ito                                

16.00     Markus Neuwirth
Revisiting Hypermetrical Ambiguity: Real-time Perception and Expectancy Formation

16.45     Danuta Mirka
Harmonic Schemata and Hypermeter

17.30     Edward Klorman
Meter as Agency: Performing Metrical Manipulations in Chamber Music

18.15     General Discussion