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Session 11: Topic Theory and Music Analysis

Saturday 20 September
Session Convenor: Danuta Mirka

14.00     Danuta Mirka
Introduction: Topic Theory and Music Analysis

Subsession 1
Chair: Lawrence Zbikowski/Danuta Mirka

14.15     Danuta Mirka
Topics and Meter

14.45     Vasili Byros
Mozart’s Ironic Mask: Topics and Harmonic Schemata in the ‘Haffner’ Symphony

15.15     Lawrence Zbikowski
Music and Dance in the Ancien Régime

15.45     coffee break

Subsession 2
Chair: Danuta Mirka

16.15     Eric McKee
Ballroom Dances of the Late 18th Century

16.45     Roman Ivanovitch
The Brilliant Style: Illuminations, Revelations, and Force

17.15     Julian Horton
Topic Theory and the Analysis of 19th-Century Music

17.45     Round Table Discussion