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Session 12: Music Analysis and the Body

Wednesday 17 September
Session Convenor: Nicholas Reyland

Subsession 1
Chair: Nicholas Reyland                            

14.00     Vincent Meelberg
Composing the Body Electric: The Bodily Aspect of Using Software in Music Creation

14.15     Stacey Sewell
Embodiments of Making: Breath, Phrase and Entrainment in Electroacoustic Music

14.30     Joshua B. Mailman
Experimental Pragmatic Approaches to Interactive Music Systems Inspired by Music Analysis

14.45     All

Subsession 2
Chair: Stacey Sewell                                 

15.00     Nicholas Reyland
Classing the Musical Body: Empathy, Affect and Representation in BBC TV’s The Royle Family

15.15     Rebecca Thumpston
The ‘Feel’ of Expansion: Embodying Musical Growth

15.30     Michael Klein
Musical Affect as Vital Bodily Force in the Work of Deleuze and Guattari

15.45     All
16.00     coffee break                                           

Music Analysis and the Body: Workshop
Chair: Michael Klein

16.30     All (including other delegates attending session)

This workshop will explore key topics arising from the papers, with participation from the speakers but open to any other interested delegates. Join us to explore questions highlighted in the previous discussions, and a range of further issues arising from analytical, theoretical and critical engagements with music and the body in a range of repertoires. Once questions have been identified and grouped together, 'break out' groups will discuss and debate them; at the end of the session, those groups will then report back to the full cohort of the session, identifying nascent answers and, most crucially, vital pathways for research in the wake of the session.