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Session 1B: Analysing Rameau - Rameau Analysing

Thursday 18 September
Session Convenor: Birger Petersen

14.00     Birger Petersen
Introduction: Analysing Rameau - Rameau analysing

1 Rameau Analysing
Chair: Gesa zur Nieden

14.15     Théodora Psychoyou
A Modern Thought for a New Music Theory: Rameau and the Authority of the ‘Anciens’

14.40     Birger Petersen
Rameau Analysing: From Lully to Corelli and back

15.05     Anne-Sophie Lahrmann
Rameau vs. Kirnberger. Analytical Systems by Comparison

15.30     Discussion: Rameau and his Analytic Works

15.55     coffee break

2 Reading Rameau
Chair: Birger Petersen

16.30     Gesa zur Nieden
Reception of Jean-Philippe Rameau’s Theoretical Works in the 18th century German Speaking World
in the Light of Language Frontiers, Material Aspects of Distribution and Ways of Reading

16.55     Sören Sönksen
Deconstructing the ‘Stack of thirds’ – Aspects of the Theories of Rameau, Kirnberger and Sechter

17.20     Roberta Vidic
Rameau and the Italian Tradition

17.45     Discussion: Rameau in Germany and Italy

18.15     Round Table discussion: Analysis in the 18th Century