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Session 2A: Musical Schemata and Historically Informed Listening

Thursday 18 September
Session Convenor: Jan Philipp Sprick

10.00     Vasili Byros/Oliver Schwab-Felisch/Jan Philipp Sprick
Introduction: Musical Schemata and Historically Informed Listening

1 Schemata and the Problem of Large-Scale Musical Coherence
Chair: Oliver Schwab-Felisch

10.30     Rolf Inge Godøy
Sound and Body Motion Timescales in Musical Experience

11.00     Martin Rohrmeier
Processing of Hierarchical Structure and Non-Local Dependencies in Tonal Music

11.30     Stefan Rohringer
Schemata and Holism

12.00     coffee break

2 Schemata and the Problem of Conceptualizing the Particular
Chair: Jan Philipp Sprick

12.30     Stefanie Acevedo/Andrew Aziz
A Romantic Turn of Phrase: Listening Beyond 18th-Century Schemata

13.00     Oliver Schwab-Felisch
Distorted Instances. Listening to Schemata in Beethoven and Schubert

13.30     lunch break

15.15     Folker Froebe
On Synergies of Schema Theory and Schenkerian Analysis. A Perspective from Riepel’s ‘Fonte’ and ‘Monte’

15.45     Florian Vogt
Bruckner and ‘Satzmodelle’. An Analysis of the Beginning of the Seventh Symphony

16.15     coffee break

3 Schemata and the Problem of Historically Informed Listening
Chair: Vasili Byros                                   

16.30     August Sheehy
Methodological Questions of Reconstructing Historical Listening

17.00     Jan Philipp Sprick
Historical Listening and Historically Informed Performance

17.30     Vasili Byros

18.00     break                            

18.15     Panel discussion: Future Research Questions