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Session 2B: Non-verbal Theories: Partimento and Craft Learning in the 18th and 19th Centuries

Thursday 18 September/Friday 19 September
Session Convenors: Giorgio Sanguinetti, Robert Gjerdingen

Thursday 18 September

1 Seminars
14.00     Markus Schwenkreis
“In no art rules solely will turn you into doctors”

16.00     coffee break

16.30     David Lodewyckx/Lieven Strobbe
“Tonal Tools”: an Introduction

18.30 General Discussion


Friday 19 September

2 Morning session
Chair: Giorgio Sanguinetti

10.00     Robert Gjerdingen
Introductory Speech

10.30     Nicholas Baragwanath
The Solfeggio Tradition in 18th-Century Europe: Preliminary Findings

11.00     Stefan Eckert
Aspects of Partimento Practice in Joseph Riepel’s Anfangsgründe zur musikalischen Setzkunst

11.00     coffee break

12.00     David Lodewyckx
Marpurg’s Galant Cadence: An Overlooked Cadence Type in Contemporary Schema Theory

Robert Gjerdingen
The Institutionalization of Apprenticeship in the Great Conservatories: A Cognitive Interpretation of a Non-verbal Praxis
lunch break

13.00    lunch break

3 Afternoon session
Chair: Robert Gjerdingen

15.00     Giorgio Sanguinetti
The Bolognese Partimento School and its Influence on Donizetti and Rossini

15.30     Marco Pollaci
The Significance of Neapolitan Compositional School for 19th-        Century Italian Opera Composers

16.00     coffee break

16.30     Job Ijzerman
A New Approach to Harmony Based on Tonal Schemata

17.00     Gaetano Stella
Partimenti in Today Schools of Music. An Experiment in Integration of Theory and Music Pedagogy

17.30     coffee break

18.00     Panel Discussion