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Session 4A: Schenker's Formenlehre

Friday 19 September
Session Convenor: Nicolas Meeùs

10:00     Nicolas Meeùs

1 Early Schenker and the Traditional ‘Formenlehre’
Chair: Frank Samarotto

10.15     Jason Hooper
An Introduction to Schenker’s Early ‘Formenlehre’

10.50     Marc Rigaudière
Heinrich Schenker’s Position in the Tradition of the ‘Formenlehre’

11.25     coffee break

2 Schenker’s ‘Formenlehre’ Then and Now (1)
Chair: Charles J. Smith

11.50     Frank Samarotto
The ‘Urlinie’, Melodic Energies, and the Dynamics of Inner Form

12.25     Alessandro Cecchi
Looking Beyond the Surface: Form, Structure and Force in Ernst Kurth and Heinrich Schenker

13.00     lunch break

3 Schenker’s ‘Formenlehre’ Then and Now (2)
Chair: Steven D. Mathews

14.45     Nicolas Meeùs
‘Formenlehre‘ in Der freie Satz: A Transformational Theory

15.20     Charles J. Smith
How to Select a Background? Start with Conventional Form …

15.55     Christopher Brody
The Independence of Structural Parameters in Schenkerian Accounts of Tonal Form

16.30     coffee break

4 Schenker in Today’s ‘Formenlehre’
Chair: Nicolas Meeùs

16.55     Steven D. Mathews
Realizing Schenkerian ‘Formenlehre’ through 21st-Century Lenses

17.30     Jan Miyake
Investigating Closure: Correspondences Between the EEC and Descent of the Exposition’s ‘Urlinie’ Replica

18.05     Joel Galand
Some Schenkerian Implications for Sonata Theory

18.40     Conclusions