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Session 4D: Form/Structure and Continuity/Discretization: What Principles for Music Analysis Today?

Friday 19 September/Saturday 20 September
Session Convenors: Nathalie Hérold/Philippe Lalitte/Marie-Noëlle Masson/François Picard

The timetable for this session has been slightly altered

Friday 19 September
10.30     Introduction

1 Conceptual Approach
Chair: François Picard                             

11.00     Jean-Marc Chouvel
Form – Structure – Cognition: The Contribution of Cognitive Analysis to the Conceptual Clarification of the Notions of Form and Structure

11.30     Nathalie Hérold
Considering Form/Structure and Continuity/Discretization Dialectic from Timbral Analysis

12.00     Joseph Delaplace
Dialectic Continuity/Discontinuity: An Instrument for the Analysis of 20th-Century Music?

12.30     Discussion

12.45     lunch break

2 Methodological Approach
Chair: Nathalie Hérold                             

14.00     Philippe Lalitte
Audio Descriptors: New Computer Tools for Stream and Segmentation Analysis

14.30     Anthony Papavassiliou
To Describe Continuity through Discretization in a Recorded Works Analytical Process

15.00     Discussion                     

15.15     coffee break

3 Approach in the Frame of Specific Repertoires
Chair: Marie-Noëlle Masson                                  

15.45     François Picard
The Musical Form itself as Reflecting the Structure: A Case Study -  Shifan luogu 十番鑼鼓 Music for Percussions (China)

16.15     Annie Labussière
Form through Gesture: Formal Implications in the Analysis of Traditional Chant ‘à voix nue’

16.15     Thierry Mathis
The Unmeasured Prelude for Harpsichord in France in the 17th and 18th Centuries – between Continuity and Discretization – Music Analysis of Shape and Structure

16.45     Philippe Gonin
Continuity and Discontinuity in the Formal Creative Process in the Music of Pink Floyd from Atom Heart Mother to The Wall

17.15     Discussion       

Saturday 20 September

4 Linguistic Approach
Chair: Philippe Lalitte                              

10.15     Marie-Noëlle Masson
Formal Analysis, Structural Analysis, Rhetorical Analysis: F. Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 27 No 1

10.45     Julie Walker
Different Discretized Structures in Chopin’s Last Style

11.15     coffee break                                          

11.30     Jean-Paul Olive
Arnold Schoenberg: Musical Prose and Formal Analysis

11.30     Malgorzata Gamrat
Liszt’s Conception of Poetico-Musical Cycle for Piano Solo

12:00     Discussion