Olivier Koechlin

Experience and Perspectives of Interactive Multimedia for Musical Analysis

This presentation provides an interactive approach to musical analysis, through the experience of different multimedia achievements made over the last twenty years. The paper first presents Les Musicographies, a series of ten graphic transcriptions made ​​in 1996 for the INA-GRM on traditional, improvised and contemporary musics, exploring different types of representations (schematic or sonographic, linear or circular, etc.). Then I will present Le Gamelan Mécanique, made ​​with Kati Basset in 2004 for the Cité de la Musique in Paris, allowing us to understand and experiment the principles of this Indonesian ‘orchestra-instrument’, thanks to a truly interactive and particularly realistic simulator. Finally, I will present metaScore, an authoring tool for the production and publishing of interactive analysis documents, developed since 2004 for the Cité de la Musique in Paris. This tool allows the synchronization of hypertext and animated graphics with the interactive listening of a piece.
These three examples, illustrating diverse musical genres, will lead to a reflection on the issues of representation of the musical phenomenon, of anticipation in the reading process, of temporal segmentation (pagination), and will propose an authoring methodology and an ergonomy of consultation of interactive musical analysis documents.