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Session 5B: Analysing 'Un-Analyzable' Art Music since 1950

Saturday 20 September
Session Convenor: Mark Delaere

10.00     Mark Delaere
Introduction: Analysing ‘Un-Analysable’ Art Music Since 1950

1 ‘Too Difficult’ to Analyse
Chair: Mark Delaere

10.15     Jan Christiaens
Analysis after Adorno. Towards an Epistemology for the Analysis of Recent Art Music

10.50     Klaas Coulembier
Overload or Generosity? Analyzing Brian Ferneyhough’s Time and Motion Study II

11.25     Yves Knockaert
On Analysing Wolfgang Rihm’s ‘Notebook-Pieces’

12.00     lunch break

2 ‘Too Easy’ to Analyse
Chair: Mark Delaere                                

14.00     Judy Lochhead
Difference and Identity: Musical Sense and Music Analysis

14.35     Petra Philipsen
“Too accessible to be comprehensible to the genuine avant-garde”. Analysing Benjamin Britten’s Music

15.10     Maarten Beirens
Elusive Redundancy: Minimal Music’s Analytical Challenges Between Pattern, Process and Texture

15.45     coffee break                                          

3 Ambiguity of the Musical Work

Chair: Mark Delaere                                

16.15     David Clarke
Ambiguity and beyond: Theories of Musical Meaning and their (Non-)application to Music post-1950

16.50     Kristof Boucquet
Possibilities and Limits of the Open Work. Analysing Pierre Boulez’s Third Piano Sonata

17.25     Rob Haskins
Aspects of Zen Buddhism as an Analytical Context for John Cage’s Chance Music

18.00     Mark Delaere
Preliminary Conclusions

19.00     break                                        

Keynote session
Chair: Francis Maes

20.00     Richard Taruskin
Is Anything Un-Analysable?