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Session 6B: Harmonic Plasticity and the Modelling of Musical Motion in Tonal, Post-Tonal and Jazz Idioms

Wednesday 17 September
Session Convenor: José Oliveira Martins

Chair: José Oliveira Martins

14.00     José Oliveira Martins
Introduction: Harmonic Plasticity and the Modeling of Musical Motion in Tonal, Post-Tonal and Jazz idioms

14.30     Miguel Ribeiro-Pereira
Modulatory Consciousness: A Plastic Paradigm for Understanding the Conception and Perception of Tonal Space

15.15     Daniel Moreira
Harmonic Motion in Post-Tonal Music: Voice-Leading, Set-Class Progression and Functional Change

16.00     coffee break                                          

16.30     Paulo Perfeito
Jazz Harmony and Plasticity: Chord-Scales, Nonfunctional Progressions and Modulatory Fields

17.15     José Oliveira Martins
Multi-Layered Harmony and Plasticity in 20th-Century Music