Agustín Martorell

Systematic Set-Class Surface Analysis: A Hierarchical Multi-Scale Approach

This work presents a systematic methodology for set-class surface analysis using a temporal multi-scale approach. The method involves a comprehensive segmentation of a piece, extracting the set-class content of every possible segment. It solves many representational problems derived from the massive overlapping of segments, by borrowing some real-time human-computer interaction techniques. A time vs. time-scale visual representation, named class-scape, provides a global hierarchical overview of the class content in the piece, which serves as an index for a detailed interactive inspection of any segment. The method provides a fast, precise and intuitive localisation of every instance of a chosen class. It also facilitates the inspection of all the classes and segments simultaneously in relation to a given class, by means of inter-class measures. Additional filters and data structures summarise the set-class inclusion relations over time and quantify the total set-class content in pieces or collections, assisting the interactive exploration of the music, and helping to decide about sets of analytical interest. By guaranteeing the integrity of the class information at the different reduction stages, the method minimizes the interpretative artefacts of similar systematic analysis methods. The technique is applied to the interactive exploration of music segments, pieces and corpora.