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Session B: Music Theory Pedagogy

Saturday 20 September

10.00       Hans Peter Reutter



1 Pregraduate: Requirements and Preparations

Chair: Hans Peter Reutter                        


10.15       Nina Hildebrand
Jungstudierende mit absolutem Gehör. Chancen und Herausforderungen im integrativen Hörererziehungs- und Satzlehreunterricht/Pre-Graduate Students with Absolute Pitch. Chances and Challenges for Integrative Courses in Aural Training and Music Theory


10.45       Lola Dzhumanova/Elena B. Zhurova
Traditions and Innovations in Music Theory Pedagogy in Russia


11.15       Liudmila Kazantseva
The Theory of Musical Content as a Pedagogic Tool


11.45       coffee break



2 Ear Training/Harmony  

Chair: Hans Peter Reutter


12.00       Marina Karaseva
Perceiving Music Theory by Music Ear: Innovations and Traditions in the Approach to the Intensive Ear Training


12.30       Philippe Gantchoula/Hugues Seress
Unités d’orientation tonale et Tonnetz néo-Riemannien polarisé: deux outils didactiques pour l’analyse de la tonalité élargie/Tonal Orientation Units and Polarized Neo-Riemannian Tonnetz: Two Didactic Tools for Extended Tonality


13.00 lunch break



3 Counterpoint

Chair: Hans Peter Reutter


14.30       Hans Peter Reutter
Renaissance Counterpoint as a Study of Melody or 'The Anti-Gradus'


15.00       Robert Sholl
“How do you like your counterpoint, Sir?” Music Pedagogy after Therapy


15.30       coffee break


4 Overarching Aspects

Chair: Hans Peter Reutter                                    


16.00       Markus Sotirianos
Between “What do I need that for?” and “Didn’t you learn that in theory class?” – Questions and Observations in German Undergraduate Music Theory Classes


16.30       Reinier Maliepaard
About a Pilot Project on Music Theory


17.00       Sanja Kiš Žuvela
Structural Analogies between the Arts in Teaching Music Theory


17.30       coffee break



5 Panel session

Chair: Hans Peter Reutter


18.00       All
Discussion: Education Politics