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Session D: Harmony 19th - early 20th Century

Wednesday 17 September

Subsession 1

Chair: Harald Krebs

14.00     Michael Baker
Some Instances of ‘Dominantized Tonics’ in Romantic German Song

14.30     Heather Platt
Searching for the Tonic in Brahms' Lieder

15.00     Benedict Taylor
Navigating Grieg’s ‘Harmonic Dreamworld’: Tetrachordal Harmonies and Added-Note Voice-Leading in Haugtussa

15.30     coffee break

Subsession 2
Chair: Clemens Kemme

16.00     Damian Blättler
A Voicing-Centered Approach to Additive Harmony in Music of ‘la Belle Époque’

16.30     Ellen (Olga) Bakulina
Tonal Duality and the New Russian Choral School

17.00     Olga Sologub
The Slippy Slide: Reconsidering the Concept of ‘Wrong Notes’ in the Music of Sergei Prokofiev