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Session H: Analyses of 20th-Century Compositions

Thursday 18 September

1 German and Central European Composers
Chair: Yves Knockaert

13.30     Amy Bauer
Ideology, Compositional Process, Optics and Form in Georg Friedrich Haas’s In Vain

14.00     Richard McGregor
“Die Detonation ist am Körper angekommen” - Rihm’s Creative Explosion in 1981

14.30     Milos Zatkalik
Teleological Strategies of Non-Tonal Music: The Case of Milan Mihajlovic

15.00     Hubertus Dreyer
How Ligeti Once Was Puzzled by Schubert – and a Luhmannian Response

15.30     coffee break                                          

2 Italian Composers
Chair: Alessandro Cervino                                  

16.00     Sandro Marrocu
Su una ‘sola nota’: Il Terzo Periodo di Giacinto Scelsi

16.30     Nicolò Palazzetti
From Bartók to Darmstadt: Analysis of Bruno Maderna’s First String Quartet

17.00     coffee break

3 French Composers
Chair: Jean-Marc Chouvel

17.30     Ding Hong
Sonicizing the Poetics of Illusion: Debussy’s Transformational Strategy in Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune

18.00     Ciro Scotto
Harmonic Process and Formal Structure in Some Recent Music by Boulez

18.30     Shigeru Fujita
Sur le même accord: Dutilleux’s Systematic Thinking in the Harmonic Dimension


Saturday 20 September

4 British Composers
Chair: Jonathan Cross                                  

10.30     David Forrest
The Interplay of Tonal and Symmetrical Elements in Britten

11.00     Michael Clarke/Frédéric Dufeu/Peter Manning
Towards an Analysis of Trevor Wishart’s Imago: Form, Structure and Technology

11.30     coffee break

5 North-American Composers
Chair: Michiel Schuijer
12.00     Laura Emmery
In Disguise: Borrowings in Elliott Carter’s Early String Quartets

12.30     Kristina Knowles
Ebb and Flow: Rhythm and Temporality in Unmetered Music by George Crumb

13.00     Joel Hunt
Indeterminacy in the Music of Henry Brant: Toward a Framework for ‘Controlled Improvisation’